About this website

Long Island Geospatial Commons is a data clearinghouse, created to help users to identify and access geospatial data and related documents, websites, tools, and maps relating to the New York counties of Suffolk and Nassau.  

The goal of Long Island Geospatial Commons is to support information sharing amongst organizations and entities across Long Island, to better educate the public and to improve cost-effective decision-making within local communities.  This site allows any user to find geospatial information about Long Island from a number of reliable and qualified sources such as governmental bodies, NGOs, and nonprofit organizations.  

What is a clearinghouse and what makes Long Island Geospatial Commons special?

A clearinghouse collects and offers information, usually on a specific topic.  Long Island Geospatial Commons provides access to geospatial data resources for Suffolk and Nassau counties via the internet.  This clearinghouse catalogs information on topics including, but not limited to: environment, demographics, emergency, and government.

Long Island Geospatial Commons offers a curated clearinghouse.  This gives the data links found throughout the portal relevancy, since data providers and the data links offered are reviewed by the curators of the Long Island Geospatial Commons site.  The curators of the site makes choices about the resources included on the site based on the Long Island Geospatial Commons Business Rules (described below).  The site contains a comprehensive search feature, allowing users to find content by typing keywords.  

Intended Audience

Long Island Geospatial Commons welcomes Stony Brook University faculty and students as well as all users across a broad spectrum of policymakers, analysts, scientists, planners, businesses, and the general public to the site.  

Populating Long Island Geospatial Commons

Long Island Geospatial Commons contains resources, data, and information that support public education, and improve cost-effective decision-making within local communities.  Long Island Geospatial Commons contributors are limited to qualifying organizations, based on the Long Island Geospatial Commons Business Rules.   

Project Background

Long Island Geospatial Commons was developed by State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook University (SBU), at the Geospatial Center.  The Geospatial Center at Stony Brook offers imaginative and unique Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing-related services for SBU students, faculty, researchers, and the surrounding community.

The goal of the Long Island Geospatial Commons project is to create a clearinghouse for the New York Counties of Nassau and Suffolk, in an effort to organize geospatial data and other data applicable to geospatial phenomena in Long Island, so that these data can be better utilized by GIS users and others.  Locating, sorting, and uploading data for a specific geographic region is problematic and arduous for those requiring quick and reliable information. Gathering data oft entails visiting dozens of websites, placing numerous phone calls, and waiting for data.  Long Island Geospatial Commons commits to improve data search and mitigate access issues for Long Island data users, while also offering qualified data providers a site to post their data, saving them time and improving the accessibility to their data.  Long Island Geospatial Commons strives to post information only from credible sources.